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TMFF 2021 Festival Film Guide

Feature Films

Canada | 12 min | 2020 | CANADIAN PREMIERE

257 Down

For Alex Abbott, a winning dirt bike freestyle rider, the moment of truth came when his dirt bike landed on his head and became a quadriplegic. Ten years later, Alex is on the verge of finding his way back onto two wheels.

Canada | 33 min | 2021

Angie: Tales of Determination

Despite the obstacles that stand in her way, born with multiple congenital birth defects and breast cancer, Angie Sandow is a force and doesn't let anything stand in her way including her dream to start riding a motorcycle.

India | 37 min | 2021

Chomolungma Lam Thu (Road to Mount Everest)

Mount Everest serves as the backdrop to Siddharth Shukla's beautifully told and emotional story about a group of riders who make their way to Everest's North Face Base Camp, at 17,000 feet above sea level.

Sweden | 27 min | 2021 | WORLD PREMIERE

Inland Road (Inlandsväg)

As a way to escape the boredom of the pandemic lockdowns, Emil and Mathias escape the city on motorcycles and travel as far as they can during the circumstances.

USA | 91 min | 2021

Leaving Tracks

The rock stars of motorcycle design and the founder of the Haas Moto Museum find recovery and kinship on an improbable journey together.

Canada | 41 min | 2021


The individuals in the motocross and Harley-Davidson stunt scene face both mental and physical strains, pushing the boundaries of physics and motorcycle riding, knowing full well that one wrong move could be the end.

Germany | 70 min | 2021 | WORLD PREMIERE

Ride Don't Hide

A few years after the death of his son, Dieter Schneider takes to the road on a mission to travel the world and talk to people about depression and suicide prevention.

USA | 18 min | 2020

The REV'IT! Women's ADV Team Anthology

Five filmmakers capture the perspectives of five different adventure motorcycle riders across the country who share insights on how riding became even more of an outlet from them as the world changed in 2020.

Finland | 8 min | 2020

Ö Movie

Motorcycle gang Random Psÿcles is having fun in their odd way.

USA | 13 min | 2020 | CANADIAN PREMIERE


Aron Campisano's 80-200 is a fresh take on the Salt Flats story as James Hammond, at 80-years-young, races against his age and attempts to set a world record at the Bonneville Speed Trials.

UK | 19 min | 2019

Best Man Corner

Ex-combatant and conflict-affected youth make up the vast majority of Liberia’s 175,000 motorcycle taxi drivers who have not many options as a way to earn a living.

France | 52 min | 2020 | INTERNATIONAL PREMIERE

Fifteen Thousand Revolutions per Minute

Told through her perspective, Céline provides the support required for her partner, Yohan, to open a motorcycle custom shop when his career in French sidecar cross comes to a halt because of an injury.

USA | 9 min | 2020

It's Worth It

A piston is summoned to take the hero's journey and rebuild the 1993 KX250 2-stroke dirt bike engine it will live in.

Canada | 10 min | 2021


Roxanne, Veronique and Catherine have different stories about how they fell in love with motorcycles and what they mean to them.

USA | 25 min | 2020 | CANADIAN PREMIERE

Race Night

Sean Jackson's Race Night is a tour de force of visuals and beautifully told stories about family, where motorcycles carry the story from one family to the next, examining different stages of life and the sacrifices made for one another.

Canada | 27 min | 2021

Route 16 Ramble

With about 1,000 km of riding from Prince George to the Pacific coast of Prince Rupert, four friends discover the beauty of Northern British Columbia.

France | 74 min | 2021 | INTERNATIONAL PREMIERE

The Wall

Stéphane Gautronneau’s The Wall is a voyeuristic and moody introspective at the nearly 100 year old Motodrom wall of death through the eyes of one of its famed riders, Donald Ganslmeier.

Germany | 110 min | 2020 | CANADIAN PREMIERE

972 Breakdowns - On the Landway to New York

Road trip challenges taken to the extreme. Five friends make their way through the most isolated corners of the world on four rusty old Ural sidecar motorcycles. Roads, swamps, rivers and ongoing breakdowns throw plans out the window.

UK | 55 min | 2021 | WORLD PREMIERE

Chasing the Championship

Chrissy Rouse is a bike racer, podcast host and schoolteacher. In 2020 he had recovered from surgery and the loss of his ride to take the BSB National Superstock championship.

Germany | 110 min | 2019 | N.A. PREMIERE

Going Beyond - Margot's Incredible Journey

Going Beyond is a fresh take on the the epic road trip film, told through the eyes of an aging, and new, female rider intent on pushing back against what society thinks she should do at her age.

USA | 7 min | 2020

Justin Mulford: Dead Man Walking

High pucker factor and eye opening, Dead Man Walking celebrates a new way of defining what is possible on a motocross bike.

USA | 10 min | 2021 | WORLD PREMIERE

Out There

Mark Potenza's Out There is a thought provoking narrative about finding your own way despite the pressures to follow what is expected.

USA | 17 min | 2020

Ray Tauscher

Using recently discovered scrapbooks, photo albums, and film footage, filmmakers Ned and Michael Thanhouser tell the story of Ray Tauscher, forgotten World Champion motorcycle racer.

USA | 103 min | 2020 | WORLD PREMIERE

The Desert Said Dance

A cinematic ode to a group of four riders who push themselves far beyond where most people feel comfortable as they take on the Baja 1000, the longest non-stop, point to point, off-road race in the world.

Australia | 86 min | 2021

Wide of the Mark

Cameron Brunt’s Wide of the Mark is a wild and gritty two-week off-road adventure across Tasmania on hand-built motorcycles based on everyday commuter bikes.

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