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Directed by Geneviève Chartrand

Documentary | 10 minutes | Canada | 2021 | French (English subtitles)


Roxanne, Veronique and Catherine have different stories about how they fell in love with motorcycles. Whether they fell in love at first sight or immersed in the culture since they were a kid, they share their feelings of happiness and freedom that accompany them when they go for a ride.

Director Bio

Multidisciplinary artist, Geneviève Chartrand holds a Masters and a Bachelor of Visual Arts from Laval University. Her works have been presented in Quebec and abroad. Chartrand works in the film industry as a director, screenwriter and artistic director including: Nym (Léon, Mexico, 2016), Entonces (Quebec, 2017), and Freetown Love, (Louisiana 2018).


Directed by

Geneviève Chartrand

Produced by

Geneviève Chartrand


Roxanne Bergeron, Véronique Barbe, Catherine David


Josué Aylestok


Julie Pelletier

Written by

Geneviève Chartrand

Music & Sound

Marie-Andrée Cormier


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