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Route 16 Ramble

Directed by Jason Hamborg

Documentary | 27 minutes | Canada | 2021 | English


With about 1,000 km of riding from Prince George to the Pacific coast of Prince Rupert, photographer Mikey “Revolt" and his wife Kat Arnold along with their close friends Jodi and Chris Drew take on this wild journey into the unknown. All four of them went into this blind and not knowing really what to expect; but sometimes that's the beauty of traveling. Part of the adventure is throwing yourself out of your comfort zone, into the wind, and leaving things up to fate. And who knows you just might find some amazing people, culture, friendships, or even learn something new about yourself along the way.


Directed by

Jason Hamborg

Produced by

Brian Peech


Mikey “Revolt" Arnold, Kat Arnold, Jodi Drew, Chris Drew


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