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Directed by J.P. Veillet

Documentary | 41 minutes | Canada | 2021 | English


The individuals in the Montreal motocross and Harley-Davidson stunt scene face both mental and physical strains when pushing the boundaries of physics and motorcycle riding. From the self-talk propaganda that the riders tell themselves in order to go beyond and far outside their comfort zone, to the highs and the lows that come as a result of their progression, it's all done to capture that perfect moment. "Videos and photos are my trophies," knowing full well that one wrong move could be the end. Anything to not get bored of the norm.

Director Bio

From Montreal to Los Angeles, JP is an avid filmmaker and director who has been actively involved in producing video content within the skate, snow and surf communities for over ten years. His projects have helped make careers and continued to build international success for all those involved, year after year.


Directed by

J.P. Veillet

Produced by

Sequence Films


Christian Martinez, Andrew Davidson, Tyler Davidson, Martin Gilbert


List of editors


Bryan Wilkat, J.P. Veillet, Lee Thronburn, Taylor Lamothe, Joe Hall

Written by

J.P. Veillet, Bryan Wilkat, Julien Gagnon

Music & Sound

List of music credits


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