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Justin Mulford: Dead Man Walking

Directed by Ryan Marcus

Documentary | 7 minutes | USA | 2020 | English


You grow up invested in something so much, it almost starts to feel like work. Justin Mulford’s story starts off similarly as he charged the amateur motocross ranks until several challenges many amateur racers face, along other passions, started to take his interests drove him away from two wheels.

Several years later, Justin got back on two wheels all on his own and found a new fulfillment. Still some fun on the dirt, but also finding expression far away from the starting gate. Dead Man Walking celebrates a new way of defining what is possible on a motocross bike.

Director Info

Ryan Marcus's film Endless | Mexico received Best Short Documentary at TMFF 2019.


Directed by

Ryan Marcus

Produced by

Jeff McGuane, Chad Hilton, Austin Hoover, Mikey Rangel, Fox Racing


Justin Mulford


List of editors


Ricki Bedenbaugh, Avery Rost, Cassidy Tillemans, Tyson Tranner, Gabe Negron, Austin Lelou

Written by

List of writers

Music & Sound

David Bowie


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