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Ö Movie

Directed by Pekka Poramo

Narrative, Experimental, Music | 8 minutes | Finland | 2020 | English


Ö is the last letter in Finnish alphabet and means the "B" but so much worse! Motorcycle gang Random Psÿcles is having fun in their odd way.

TMFF: This is what we imagine Saturday night looks like at most bike rallies.

Director Bio

Pekka Poramo aka Pecka Peckersson is a Finnish underground movie maker and musician. He is also behind small record label Jumi Kustannus. Pekka Poramo is motorcycle enthusiast who makes bizarre bikes from scratch.


Directed by

Pekka Poramo

Produced by

Pekka Poramo


Elliina Peltoniemi, Suvi Pouttu, Saara Naskali, Maria Mattila, Matti Sälli, Mart Marttinen, Marco, Jarkko Paloviita, Pekka Poramo, A, M. Helminen, Tolmus Hande, Torsti Niskanen, Sami Sippola, Erno Peltonen, Antti Mäkelä


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Written by

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Music & Sound

Davie Allan & The Arrows, "Cycle-Delic"


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