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Ray Tauscher

Directed by Ned Thanhouser

Documentary | 17 minutes | USA | 2020 | English


In 1931, Portland, Oregon born Raymond Tauscher won four international motorcycle racing titles in a 12-month period. His achievements in the field of racing and contributions to the sport have been forgotten.

In 2020, Ned Thanhouser and son Michael Thanhouser researched Ray’s racing career, located surviving family members and collected Ray’s scrapbooks, photo albums, and racing memorabilia. This 17-minute documentary film tells the story of Ray’s racing career, his world-wide travels, and his loves using the recently discovered material and period film footage of his races.

Director Statement & Bio

Raymond F. Tauser had his perfect year in 1931 winning championships in Australia, England, France, Sweeden, Germany, and Denmark. But his accomplishments and subsequent promotion of the sport after retiring from racing have been forgotten. Although he died in 1981 from a brain tumor, his story is now told in the first person as if he is recounting his career. Thanks to family members and historians who saved Ray's scrap books, photo albums, and racing memorabilia, we were able to reconstruct his life story and commit it to this documentary for others to experience and remember his accomplishments and contributions to the sport.

Director Bio

Ned Thanhouser's film, The Monkey and Her Driver, was screened at TMFF 2017. Ned Thanhouser is an award-winning documentary filmmaker based in Portland, Oregon. He has produced feature and short subject films that deal with early cinema history, World War II aircraft, race cars and their drivers, and motorcyclists. He is a film historian and avid motorcyclist who loves to tell a good story, especially with his youngest son, Michael, who collaborated with him on this project.


Directed by

Ned Thanhouser

Produced by

Ned Thanhouser, Michael Thanhouser


Richard Moore


List of editors


List of cinematographers

Written by

Michael Thanhouser, Ned Thanhouser

Music & Sound

Rene Bordelon Anderson


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