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Race Night

Directed by Sean Jackson

Documentary | 25 minutes | USA | 2020 | English | CANADIAN PREMIERE


Race Night is a documentary short exploring the culture and community of flat-track motorcycle racing in America’s Midwest. It follows three teenagers who, alongside their parents, pursue the dreams of the generations before them. Family and optimism are reoccurring themes in the film, exploring the relationship beyond the track and the sacrifices made for one another. Race Night tenderly depicts this subculture of small-town America with all its pain, loss, hopes, dreams, and glory.

Race Night has received the Audience Award and Best Documentary Short award at the London International Short Film Festival.

Director Bio

Sean Jackson is an American photographer and occasional filmmaker based in New York City. He is deeply interested in documenting small groups of people and exploring intimate relationships. His work often pairs storytelling inside the shape of a fleeting moment.


Directed by

Sean Jackson

Produced by

Sean Jackson, Thomas Arnell


Ezra Brusky, Charlotte Kainz, Jack Kainz, Brian Martens, Zaria Martens, Ben Marx, Ryder Marx, Loyal Prach, Gary Sweezey, Melissa Terkhorn


Brad Turner


Thomas Arnell

Written by

List of writers

Music & Sound

Peter Murray & Saint Jhn, Jeff Strasser


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