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Directed by Aron Campisano

Documentary | 13 minutes | USA | 2020 | English | CANADIAN PREMIERE


80-200 is the story of 80-year-old motorcycle racer, James Hammond, as he attempts to set a world record at the Bonneville Speed Trials. The tension between Hammond and his mechanic builds over the race weekend as they try to understand each other and the their performance on the quarter mile. A novel perspective on aging and the race against it.

Director Bio

Aron is a perpetually irrelevant middle-aged white guy from Northern California. He attended the prestigious NYU film school decades ago with several now-famous film directors that don't remember him. Mr. Campisano makes Independent films because he does not value free time, disposable income, or healthy relationships. He resides in Venice Beach, California with a dog that has a robot leg.


Directed by

Aron Campisano

Produced by

Pamela Lubell, Rafael Fogel, Aron Campisano


James Hammond, Jeff Schroeter, Leigh Loranger


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