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Leaving Tracks

Directed by Nick Davis

Documentary | 91 minutes | USA | 2021 | English (cc)


The rock stars of motorcycle design and Bobby Haas, the founder of the Haas Moto Museum, find recovery and kinship on an improbable journey together. Beneath his success as a financier and Nat Geo photographer, Bobby grapples with a lifetime of trauma in his quest to create a museum like no other. The lives of the custom builders and the founder himself are changed forever by their shared chase for perfection.

Winner: Best Documentary Feature, New York International Film Awards, Oniros Film Awards

Includes live Q&A chat with Bobby Haas.

About the Haas Moto Museum

Itself a jaw-dropping marvel of engineering and artistic brilliance, the cavernous Haas Moto Museum & Sculpture Gallery cast the mold for its celebrated exhibits by evolving in less than one year from raw metal and sheets of glass into an unparalleled destination for a collection of over 230 vintage and custom cycles and an array of world-class sculptures. Not only does the Museum immerse you in the evolution of motorcycles from the 1890s to the present, it also unveils an unrivaled collection of over 60 custom cycles—a dazzling testament to the Renaissance notion of inventors creating art for art’s sake, with no blueprint to guide their hands.

But the Museum’s warp speed progression from the lofty vision of its founder Bobby Haas is far more than the saga of a magnificent building housing famous exhibits. It is a mecca and a magnet which attracted the finest custom builders on the planet, many of whom were also assembling the broken pieces of lives beset by financial, physical, and emotional challenges. In a remarkable and unexpected twist, the founder of the Museum discovered that his own emotional scars could find “connective tissue” with a host of custom builders who would enjoy his patronage and his kinship. The Museum has become a home where its expansive portals offer not only a Zen-like escape for its guests but also a haven and a pathway to recovery for the founder and the custom artists whose radical designs push the outer limits of imagination.


Directed by

Nick Davis

Produced by

Nick Davis, Bobby Haas, Stacey Mayfield


Serge Bueno, Jay Donovan, Ultan Guilfoyle, Bobby Haas, Max Hazan, Ayu Kimura, Shinya Kimura, Kat Kiyonaga, Kiyo Kiyonaga, Michael LaFountain, Stacey Mayfield, Dirk Oehlerking, Nik Pafferath, Johnny Robertson, Craig Rodsmith, Christopher "Sarge" Shidler, Walt Siegl, Cristian Sosa, Sofi Tsingos, Joe "Guzzi Doctor" Walano, Chris "Sparky" Williamson


Josh Freed


Peter Peregrine

Written by

List of writers

Music & Sound

Daniel Mayfield, Oovra


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