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Chasing the Championship

Directed by Dave Baum

Documentary | 55 minutes | UK | 2021 | Language | WORLD PREMIERE


Chrissy Rouse is a part-time school teacher, podcast host, and bike racer in the Superstock 1000 class at British Superbikes. Sidelined with a shoulder injury and having lost his ride, the 2020 pandemic lockdown threw him a lifeline, giving him time to recover from surgery, build a new team and ultimately rise to capture the 2020 National Superstock title.

Director Statement

As a fan of the podcast, "Chasin' The Racin", I approached Chrissy last year during one of the lockdowns and did a a little logo intro for his vids, and that's how we began speaking. Then in October of 2020, while he was competing in the COVID condensed National Superstock 1000 Championship, I knew he had the opportunity to win the title with a round to go. I didn’t know what he had been through to get to that point.

What was originally going to be a 5-10 minute film of one weekend became a feature length film of his season and career; 2020 was a unique season for him and his team, and for the championship as a whole during the COVID pandemic.


Directed by

Dave Baum

Produced by

Andi Reiss, Dave Baum


Chrissy Rouse


Dave Baum


List of cinematographers

Written by

List of writers

Music & Sound

Tim Cowie, Jonathan Fletcher


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