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Wide of the Mark

Directed by Cameron Brunt

Documentary | 86 minutes | Australia | 2021 | English


Wide of the Mark follows six riders with a hunger for motorcycle adventure in its purest form, hand building their road bikes to tackle some of the most rugged and challenging off-road terrain Tasmania has to offer.

When watching online, note that this film is geographically restricted to play within Canada only.

Director Statement

Wide of the Mark was a test to see if these hand-built road bikes could survive a lap around Tasmania, the only hope was that these machines would stay in one piece. Since most things broke or went missing it was adapted that the mission was these machines finished as a functional (rideable) motorcycle even if the headlight was absent, brakes gone, the number plate bent so bad you would struggle to read it, and well the list goes on.

The approach to the filming was always to document the journey and to never interfere with the spontaneity of an adventure like this. We had a small camera team, the three of us camped and slept in swags then pilled back into the 4WD for the next day of riding. We filmed from the roof racks and out the back of the support car, safely secured by our racket strap seat belts. The only thing we were lacking would have been goggles to protect our eyes from the constant cloud of dust and projectiles produced by six overly excited riders. The trip was exactly what we had hoped for, with little planned other than some pins on the map we aimed to capture the essence of an adventure with mates. I hope when the closing credits roll our audience has contracted the very contagious bug which is the hunger for exploration.


Directed by

Cameron Brunt

Produced by

Cameron Brunt, Tom Gilroy


Max Duff, Tom Gilroy, Justin Holmes, Emma Mcferran, Matty Mcferran, Keely Pritchett


Jake Ashe


List of cinematographers

Written by

List of writers

Music & Sound

Georgia Mae


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