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The Desert Said Dance

Directed by Lincoln Caplice

Documentary | 103 minutes | USA | 2020 | English | WORLD PREMIERE


The Baja 1000 is a race like no other. It is the longest non-stop, point to point, off-road race in the world and for over 50 years, this one-of-a-kind event has been a magnet to those brave and foolish enough to face one of the most challenging race courses in the world. Anyone can enter the Baja 1000, but not everyone finishes it. Some aren’t tough enough. Some don’t have bikes that are tough enough. And some make mistakes that take them out of the race. Sometimes, tragically, forever.

A group of four riders, drawn to the challenge push themselves far beyond where most people feel comfortable, each with motivations of their own. From chasing a childhood dream, to honouring a fallen teammate taken too soon, a five time champion in search of reliving his former glory, and a young Ironman trying to prove his place at the top.

This is a cinematic ode to these riders, a testament to their spirit of improvisation and their skill.

When watching online, note that this film is geographically restricted to play within Canada only.

Director Bio

Lincoln Caplice knew it was all over when his photographer dad first got him behind the lens. After ditching all plans for a regular 9-5, he joined the ranks of Modular Records at the height of their success, giving him invaluable insight into touring global acts such as Daft Punk, Justice, The Pixies and Beck, throwing some of the most talked-about parties in the country, and on-set experience creating music videos for Tame Impala, The Presets, Cut Copy and other renowned Australian exports.

This laid the groundwork for working with youth culture and lifestyle publications and brands such as Monster Children and Deus Ex Machina, where he worked on advertising campaigns, artist profiles, large-scale events, and feature-length films I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night and South To Sian, which screened internationally to huge success. With an already a suspect amount of stamps in his passport, Lincoln dedicated the next two years to travelling the world with award-winning filmmaker Taylor Steele (Sipping Jetstreams, Castles In The Sky), working on feature films and commercial projects.

A reliable collaborator who can elevate any project to the next level, he currently works out of Sydney and occasionally New York. Moving deftly between commercial and documentary filmmaking, Lincoln brings to every project a unique brand of character-driven work that resonates with audiences worldwide. Whether it’s creating sought after authenticity for big-name brands such as Lexus, Kirin, Samsung, Red Bull and Corona, or telling stories you can’t stop thinking about after the credits roll, Lincoln’s work is deeply human and constantly in-demand.

It’s probably time Lincoln bought his dad a beer and said thanks.


Directed by

Lincoln Caprice

Produced by

Harrison Mark, Forrest Minchinton, Jamil Hassan


Forrest Minchinton, Derek Ausserbauer, Nic Garvin, Colton Udall


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Music & Sound

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