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TMFF 2023 Film Guide

The 7th annual TMFF motorcycle film festival takes place in Toronto on Thursday, September 21–23, 2023. Can't make the Toronto event, check out our Tour stops in other cities.


Canada | 12 min | 2022 | SPECIAL SCREENING

A Motorcycle Saved My Life

The open road presents a point of departure to process deep-seated grief. Revisiting the formative experiences that drove her ambition, lozinski examines the influence of her parents in the present light of day.

USA | 86 min | 2023 | SPECIAL SCREENING

Keep the Bike Moving

Friends from North Idaho try to race two bikes in the longest, biggest, and baddest race, the Baja 1000.

USA | 12 min | 2023 | WORLD PREMIERE

No Man's Land

In 1916, the Van Buren sisters blazed a trail across America. One hundred years later, their family dared to follow the same path with a group of 100 women.

Sweden | 27 min | 2023 | WORLD PREMIERE


Adventurer Emil Duvander rides up to the Arctic Polar Circle from his home in Sweden. It's February and the winter storms, ice and rapid weather changes bring struggles.

Switzerland | 13 min | 2023 | SPECIAL SCREENING

The Ultimate Mongolian Expedition

Explorer and adventurer Mike Horn and Dakar rally winner Cyril Despres join forces to explore the wilderness of Mongolia.

USA | 74 min | 2022 | CANADIAN PREMIERE

Women in the Front Seat

Fierce. Bold. Fast. Brave! Women in the Front Seat paints a vibrant and diverse picture of women who not only drive their motorcycles but drive their lives.

USA | 55 min | 2022 | CANADIAN PREMIERE

A Rally for Rangers

A community of international moto-adventurists who each raise funds and travel through rugged and remote locations to personally deliver and donate new motorcycles and other gear desperately needed by the world's environmental protectors.

USA | 7 min | 2021 | SPECIAL SCREENING


Kortel "Korta - T" Autrey uses the power of motorcycles to influence inner-city youth away from gang violence.

Canada | 3 min | 2023 | SPECIAL SCREENING

No Special Treatment

Celebrating the women racing in Canada's toughest off-road motorcycle race, the Corduroy Enduro.

Italy | 86 min | 2020 | CANADIAN PREMIERE

Pozzis, Samarcanda

A 73-year-old motorcyclist with a troubled past, a young director, and a 1939 Harley Davidson, are on a 10,000 km quixotic journey to the heart of Asia and their dreams.

Canada | 4 min | 2022 | WORLD PREMIERE


Golnoosh Namazi is an adventure rider, trying to carve her own path. Unpaved explores Golnoosh's place in the riding community as she comes to terms with becoming the role model she never had.

New Zealand | 67 min | 2022 | INT'L PREMIERE

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Touring

Des, his daughter Kitty, and friend Myles travel across the US on 1965 motorcycles in the wheel-tracks of Robert Pirsig of Zen & the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance fame.

Belgium | 90 min | 2021 | SPECIAL SCREENING

Dark Rider

Blind motorcycle rider Ben Felten wants to pursue his childhood dream of becoming a professional racer and setting a land speed record.


Missile from the East

The life of motorcycle World Champion Ernst Degner and his incredible 1961 escape from Communist East Germany, changed the motor industry forever.

UK | 13 min | 2022 | SPECIAL SCREENING

On Any Other Sunday

A spoof based loosely on the iconic motorcycle film, On Any Sunday.

New Zealand | 4 min | 2023 | WORLD PREMIERE

The Rider

Ondřej has been travelling across the globe for over a decade and his experiences have him questioning what is truly important in life.

USA | 15 min | 2022 | SPECIAL SCREENING

We Ride

Hunter S. Thompson's "Hell's Angels" is given new meaning when set against the hell-raising antics of a group of fierce and free-wheeling women who hit the road on their own terms.

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