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Pozzis, Samarcanda

Directed by Stefano Giacomuzzi

Documentary | 86 minutes | Italy | 2020 | Friulian, Italian (English subtitles) | CANADIAN PREMIERE


Two unlikely friends embark on a journey from Pozzis, Italy to Samarkand in Uzbekistan. Cocco, who is 73 years old, rides his 1939 Harley-Davidson, while Stefano, 22, follows him in a van, hoping to make a film about their journey, their friendship, and the story of Coco's troubled past. Cocco has been in jail for murder but does not want to talk about it.

A film about friendship, the story of a man, failures, what it means to travel by bike, and what it means to make a movie. Amidst the ups and downs of a quixotic journey, the challenge will prove to be greater than expected. Only the friendship between the two will allow both to reach their goal.

Director Bio

Stefano Giacomuzzi is a graduate of Bournemouth Film School in documentary and cinematography. He very early experiences the documentary as a tool to approach and dig into unusual lives. At nineteen he began the production of his first feature film, Under the Cold Stars, selected at the Trento Film Festival and awarded at the Bellaria Film Festival. He spent a year at the international research center Fabrica collaborating in the making of various documentaries. Pozzis, Samarcanda is his second feature film, premiered at the Ischia Film Festival and at the Millennium Docs Against Gravity Film Festival.


Directed by

Stefano Giacomuzzi

Produced by


Alfeo "Coco" Carnelutti, Stefano Giacomuzzi


Juan D'Auria, Stefano Giacomuzzi


Matteo Sacher

Written by

Stefano Giacomuzzi

Music & Sound

Dario Moroldo, Lorenzo Dal Ri


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