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Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Touring

Directed by Peter Blasdale

Documentary | 67 minutes | New Zealand | 2022 | English | INT'L PREMIERE


In 2006, Des Molloy, daughter Kitty, and friend Myles Feeney traveled across the US on 1965 motorcycles in the wheel-tracks of Robert Pirsig of Zen & the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance fame. This is a record of their journey through the eyes of the then 22 year old Kitty. It's an insight into the US and its people and also delves into what drives people to travel. Everyday people, amazing adventures.

Director Bio

Peter Blasdale has been involved with making and producing films since 2002. While he specializes in camera, sound, and editing, he's also taken on Director and Producer roles, having won a few awards along the way. Peter's film International Jampot 2020 NZ screened at TMFF 2020.


Directed by

Peter Blasdale

Produced by

Des Molloy, Peter Blasdale



List of editors


Kitty Molloy, Des Molloy, Peter Plasdale, Betsy Blasdale

Written by

List of writers

Music & Sound

Russ Mattsen


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