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The Ultimate Mongolian Expedition

Directed by Antoine Janssens

Documentary | 13 minutes | Switzerland | 2023 | English | SPECIAL SCREENING


Explorer and adventurer Mike Horn and Dakar rally winner Cyril Despres join forces to explore the wilderness of Mongolia on their motorcycles. With Cyril’s two-wheel skills, Mike’s vast knowledge of adventure techniques, the team explored various terrains and unique nature as they travel across Mongolia, learning more about the country’s history and the people who call it their home.

Director Bio

Antoine Janssens is a Swiss-born content creator, and co-founder of TOAST, fueled by a lifelong passion for travel, filmmaking and storytelling.


Directed by

Antoine Janssens

Produced by

TOAST, Robin Vaneberg


Mike Horn, Cyril Despres


Antoine Janssens


Logan Lambert, Antoine Janssens

Written by

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