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A Rally for Rangers

Directed by Eric Daft

Documentary | 55 minutes | USA | 2022 | English, Mongolian (English subtitles) | CANADIAN PREMIERE


Park rangers are the heroes on the front lines of conservation, yet in many parks and protected places across the globe they are often under-appreciated, and under-equipped. As a result, nearly 170 rangers are killed in the line of duty around the world each year. Poaching remains one of the most significant threats to endangered species and rangers alike. Rally for Rangers uses adventure philanthropy to empower and equip park rangers to more safely and effectively combat poaching and other threats to wild places. A Rally for Rangers is a stunning and powerful documentary that tells parallel stories of Mongolian rangers-in-the-field and the committed community of international moto-adventurists who each raise the funds and take the time to travel through rugged and remote locations to personally deliver and donate new motorcycles and other gear desperately needed by the world's environmental protectors.

Director Bio

Eric Daft is an accomplished director, cinematographer, and editor with a passion for well-crafted compositions, dramatic light, and an eye for unique details. He has traveled the world for over 20 years capturing stories from the top of Everest to the canals of Venice. Based in Teton Valley Idaho he co-founded Fisher Creative with Mark Fisher where they have produced many award winning documentaries.


Directed by

Eric Daft

Produced by

Mark Fisher, Sean Buckley, Mongol Ecology Center, Tom Medema


Tumursukh Jal, Byambaa Ornobish, Nyamkhuu Tseveenjav, Gantulga Olonbayer, Ahmet Shapey, Marat Tolei, Batmunkh Hemjig, Bayarjargal Erelheg, Tom Medema, Wesley Thornberry, Robert "Mac" Mcintosh, Onodelgerekh Batkhuu, Badral Yondon, Anna Kim, Mike Ferrell, Mike Patak, Lance Machovsky, Hamilton Muirhead, Elias Bikahi, Jacob Goldstein, Nelson Corcoran, Bryon Majusiak, Chuck Flinton, Robert Magill, Asher Woolverton, Candace Hartley, Emiliano Ezcurra, Michael Arcos, Barshagul Janat, Diwi Garash, Edwin Kinyanjui, Eric Madamalala, Gaurav Pathak, Jean Claude Ndakasi, Kevin Garrad, “Smookie” Phuntsok Thakuri Gurung, Vimbai Kumire


Eric Daft, Will Gordon


Eric Daft, Aharon Bram, Nick Kalisz

Written by

List of writers

Music & Sound

Erdenebat Baatar, Chris Liang


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