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The Rider

Directed by Neal Von Dinklage

Documentary | 4 minutes | New Zealand | 2023 | English | WORLD PREMIERE


Ondřej Vlk is a Czech Adventure Motorbike rider who has been travelling across the globe for over a decade. Living out of a tent and loving to explore the offroad. He is constantly chasing the idea of what it truly means to be free. Along the way he's experienced many different cultures that forced him to question how we, in the West, go about our daily lives and what we prioritize. This short film tries to delve into the mindset of Ondřej, his highs and lows, and why he continues to explore the world.

Director Bio

Neal Von Dinklage is a Australian/New Zealand based filmmaker and photographer, always looking for any excuse to get back into the mountains. He has worked on features, commercials and music videos, and as an editor on documentary productions.


Directed by

Neal Von Dinklage

Produced by

Neal Von Dinklage


Ondřej Vlk


List of editors


Rajendra Patel, Neal Von Dinklage

Written by

List of writers

Music & Sound

Luke Atencio


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