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Fast Forward


We believe that some custom motorcycles are

works of art and deserve to be showcased as such.


From October 3 to 6, running in parallel with TMFF 2019, we partnered with the Birch Contemporary to assemble an art exhibit we named Fast Forward, showcasing incredible examples of motorcycle style and craftsmanship alongside art from leading contemporary artists. The exhibit included stunning bikes featured in BikeEXIF and Pipeburn from the likes of Walt Siegel, Rough Crafts, MotoVida, Time Machine, Origin8or, Motobrix and fine art from renowned artists such as Richard Prince, Robert Mapplethorpe, James Lahey, Dean Drever, Dany Lyon, and others.


The gallery exhibit was free and open to the public during the Festival weekend and also hosted a shoulder-to-shoulder Festival kick-off party and our filmmaker meet-and-greet and Q&A discussion panel.


Photos from the exhibit along with a complete list of artwork and motorcycles on display can be found below. Where possible, links to the artist's work or motorcycle build write-up can be found via the diamonds


TMFF and Birch Contemporary would like to thanks all the artists, galleries, builders and owners lending works to the exhibition.


Listed alphabetically by artist.

Matthew Brooks

Bob's Oil Co., 2018

Digital chromogenic print, edition of 3 + 2AP, 52" x 60"

Dean Drever

Ten Commandments Wrench Set, 1997

Stainless Steel, 15" to 8"

Scott Everingham

MOTO 2, 2019

Oil on canvas, 18" x 15"

Courtesy: General Hardware Gallery, Toronto

Freddy Fabris

Renaissance series, Last Supper, 2018

Archival Giclée print on fine art Baryta paper, 26.5" x 39" Edition of 12

Joe Fleming

Silver Harley 2, 2019

Enamel on polycarbonate, 36" x 28"

Courtesy: General Hardware, Toronto

Martin Golland

Daredevil Launch, 2019

Oil on canvas, 28" x 22"

Martin Golland

Daredevil Landing, 2019 

Oil on canvas, 28" x 22"

Catherine Heard

Born in a Cave, 2019

Collage on paper, 39" x 27"

Catherine Heard 

Ride to Sturgis, 2019

Collage on paper, 39" x 27"

Simone Jones

Perfect Vehicle, 2006

Video duration: 10:36 (loop), Stereo sound

Courtesy of the Ronald Feldman Gallery

Collection: KRAFT Foundation, France

Guillaume Klootier

KRAG 8, 2019

Oil on panel, 30" x 36"

Courtesy: Galerie Youn, Montreal

Guillaume Klootier 

KRAG 26, 2019

Oil on panel, 30" x 36"

Courtesy: Galerie Youn, Montreal

Guillaume Klootier 

KRAG 32, 2019

Oil on panel, 30" x 36"

Courtesy: Galerie Youn, Montreal

David Kramer

MOJO, 2019

Oil on canvas, 52" x 44"

James Lahey

My 1966 R60 (Slash 2) (Black), 2012 

Edition 2 of 12, Print on canvas, 72" x 48"

Courtesy: Galerie de Bellefeuille, Toronto

James Lahey

Red Rider, Mule Trading Post - Missouri (Navigating Man, from Eight Days), 2011

Mixed Media on Canvas (Oil, Alkyd, Ink transfer and Conte), 84" x 66"

Courtesy: Jennifer Kostiuk Gallery, Vancouver

Derek Liddington

A drawing of what was behind him (day), 2019

Conte on paper

Courtesy: Daniel Faria Gallery, Toronto

Dany Lyon

Torello Tacchi's back, Loudon, New Hampshire, 1966

Printed in 20018 Gelatin silver print, 11" x 14"

Robert Mapplethorpe

Lisa Lyon (MAP #763), 1982

Edition 2 of 10, Gelatin silver print, 16" x 20"

Douglas MacRae

The Boy Racer, 2014

Archival print on fine art paper, open edition, 36" x 24"

Clint Neufeld

Untitled (Tillotson), 2015

Porcelain, glass, ink on cotton, 10" x 12" x 12"

Courtesy: General Hardware Gallery, Toronto

Erik Olson

New Mexico, 2018

Oil on canvas

Courtesy: Michael Gibson Gallery, London

Rajni Perera

MOTO, 2018

Mixed media on panel, 48" x 36"

Courtesy: Patel Gallery, Toronto

Taylor Pilote

T'nT, 2019

Aqua resin, brake drum, cold cast aluminum, hardware, paint

Jamesie Pitseolak

Motorcycle, 2019

Stone, 5" x 3" x 1.5"

Richard Prince

Untitled (Girlfriend), 1994

Edition 9 of 25, Cibachrome, 35" x 27"

Michael Simon

An Apprentice's Workbench, 2018

Mixed media, 66" x 28" x 99"

Jon Sasaki

One Piece at a Time, 2019 ongoing

Motorcycle parts and custom stands, clamps, dimensions variable

Courtesy: Clint Roenisch Gallery, Toronto

Jay Soule aka CHIPPEWAR

Six Grandfathers, 2019

Acrylic on wood panel, 60" x 48"

Richard Storms

Sidecar, 2019

Oil on canvas, 40" x 30"

Gabor Szilasi, b. 1928

At Lake Balaton, Hungary, 1954

Signed, titled, and dated, in pencil verso Printed in 2011 Gelatin silver print, 13" x 19" image

Matt Ryan Tobin

Easy Rider, 2019

Silkscreen, 24" x 18"


Listed alphabetically by builder.

Columbia Pictures (original), Los Angeles, CA USA

Easy Rider Captain America, Clifford Vaughs & Ben Hardy

1951 Harley-Davidson FL

Replica courtesy: Policaro Harley-Davidson

Cosmic Moto Works, Holland Landing, ON

CMW V2.5 Finale, Kevin Dobrzynski

1978 Kawasaki KZ605sr

Dust Custom Motorcycles, Lankeshire, England

Alpine Beemer, Stephen Bentley

1982 BMW R100 RS

Courtesy: Klaus Nienkamper

Motobrix, Toronto, ON

RA75, Brian Kates & Emrah Gonulkirmaz

1971 BMW R75/5

Courtesy: Sivonn Ra

Motobrix, Toronto, ON

El Citron, Brian Kates

1974 Kawasaki S3

MotoVida Cycle, Kelowna, BC

V9 Tracker, Brent Giesbrecht

2017 Moto Guzzi V9

Courtesy: Skot Nelson

Origin8or Custom Cycle Co., Oshawa, ON

Winning BATL, Rob Chappell

1970 Triumph Bonneville

Courtesy: Matt Wilson

Rough Crafts, Taipei, Taiwan

Dyna Guerilla, Winston Yeh

2009 Harley-Davidson Fat Bob

Courtesy: Matt Wilson

Walt Siegl Motors, Harrisville, NH USA

Leggero, Walt Siegl ❖ 

Courtesy: Nicholas Harrison

Walt Siegl Motors, Harrisville, NH USA

WSM Superbike, Walt Siegl

Courtesy: Nicholas Harrison

Yamaha Motor Company, Iwata, Japan

Niken GT (naked)

2019 Yamaha Niken

Courtesy: Yamaha Motor Company

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