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Directed by Glenn King

Documentary | 4 minutes | Canada | 2022 | English | WORLD PREMIERE


Golnoosh is an adventure rider living in northern British Columbia, Canada. As an Iranian-Canadian who immigrated with her parents as a child, she’s spent her life trying to create her own path. Navigating the cultural and social nuances of being a first-generation immigrant, she’s passionate about finding an identity and community in motorcycling. Her passion for exploring roads less travelled led to her relocation to the community of Terrace in 2018, where she continues to carve her own path in the motorcycling world. ‘Unpaved’ explores Golnoosh’s place in the community, as she comes to terms with becoming the role model she never had.

TMFF 2023 Best Canadian Film Award Winner

Of Note

Unpaved is produced by Jason Hamborg, director/producer behind the TMFF award-winning film Route 16 Ramble, that screened at TMFF 2021.


Directed by

Glenn King

Produced by

Jason Hamborg


Golnoosh Namazi


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