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We Ride

Directed by Romain Thomassin

Documentary | 15 minutes | USA | 2022 | English | SPECIAL SCREENING


Gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson's "Hell's Angels" is given new meaning when compared, contrasted and appropriated to describe the hell-raising antics of a group of fierce and free-wheeling women who hit the road on their own custom bikes and their own terms.

Director's Statement

Motorcycles have long been considered the property of men. Amongst them: the outlaws from the Motorcycle Clubs, once described with surgical precision by gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson in his first book: “Hell’s Angels” (1967).

But a new generation of women riders is hitting the road, leaning down the curve and speeding through traffic, low in the saddle of their Harley choppers. Fueled by a passion for speed and mechanics, they created riding collectives, motorcycle camps, clothing brands, custom shops and garages, embracing the codes of iconic biker culture but also revolutionizing it from within.

Juxtaposing Hunter S. Thompson’s writings about male biker gangs in the 60s, with contemporary stories of women motorcyclists, “We Ride” questions the persistent stereotypes in motorcycle culture, ultimately proving the obvious: riding has no genre.

"Ah, these righteous dudes, they love to screw it on..."

Director Bio

Romain is a French director and producer living in San Francisco. He started filmmaking in Brooklyn where, for 10 years, he shaped a keen eye for subcultural movements and authentic human stories inspired by artists, musicians and designers for whom he directed film portraits, short docs and music videos. While in Brooklyn, Romain also worked at Vice Media, where he developed a raw, visceral yet entertaining approach of storytelling. Romain wrote and creative-directed “Encore: a Never-Ending Story”, a short doc about the history of the encore tradition at music shows (featuring Dolly Parton, Har Mar Superstar, Grouplove, Mac DeMarco, Michael Stipe and many others). He also co-wrote, along with director Laura Herrero Garvín, the short film “Borrando la Frontera” following contemporary artist Ana Teresa Fernández “erasing” the U.S.-Mexican border wall. The film premiered at the Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival in 2018. Romain is the founder of Saturated, a Brooklyn and SF-based production company specializing in nonfiction. “We Ride” is his latest short film.


Directed by

Romain Thomassin

Produced by

Romain Thomassin


Lanakila MacNaughton, Becky Goebel, Val Fleury, Jane Love, Agata Dabkowska, Faye Dimos, Eva Tusquets, Todd Collins


Angelita Mendoza


Erik Brauer, William DeJessa

Written by

List of writers

Music & Sound

Vanessa Paradis, Rodes Rollins, Austin Mendenhall, Sarah Tembeckjian, David Perlick-Molinari, Lea Wülferth


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