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TMFF 2019 Festival Film Guide

Feature Films

Switzerland | 57 min | 2018

Blenio, Utah

A young butcher from Olivone, a small Swiss town with a population of 800 people, is intent on setting a world land-speed record at the Bonneville Salt Flats.

United States | 9 min | 2019 | WORLD PREMIERE

Destination Guatemala

Three friends take on a dream they've had for many years, riding up to a live volcano and circling its rim. They journeyed from the villages outside of Antigua, through jungles, and onto the volcanos Pacaya and Acatenanga.

France | 6 min | 2019 | WORLD PREMIERE

Escape the City Limits

The city is still asleep and its tranquility doesn’t seem to be troubled by the machine roaring through. The perfect moment to break the routine and leave behind our everyday life.

United States | 5 min | 2019 | WORLD PREMIERE

Jane Love

Situated between the memories and desires of Jane, a young woman who’s rejection of her conservative Southern upbringing has introduced her to the moody world of New York City motorcycle culture.

U.K. | 125 min | 2019 | CANADIAN PREMIERE

Oil in the Blood

The custom motorcycle culture has experienced a renaissance in recent years, and what was once a niche subculture now bears a significant influence on the international mainstream motorcycle industry.

United States | 4 min | 2019 | WORLD PREMIERE

They Call Me Cheetah

A visual poem about motorcycle builder Toshiyuki Osawa and the 1944 Indian Chief, named "Silver Arrow", he built for Larry Smith and unveiled at Born Free Motorcycle Show.

Sweden | 26 min | 2019 | CANADIAN PREMIERE

Blue Mountains in the Arctic

Emil and his friend Mathias travel to Scandinavia's most northern point, North Cape, Nordkapp in Norwegian, the northernmost point in Europe that can be accessed by car and the northernmost public road in Europe.

United States | 5 min | 2019 | WORLD PREMIERE

Endless | Iceland

With tongue-in-cheek humour, freestyle motocross rider Jimmy Hill pulls technical tricks and nohanders through Iceland's black sand beaches. abundant glacial masses and grey overcast skies.

United States | 21 min | 2019 | WORLD PREMIERE

Fast and Left

You’re doing 140 miles per hour around a mile-long track at one of the oldest motorcycling sports venues in the world. A closeup look at the people involved in Flat Track Racing and the community they have developed.

United States | 31 min | 2019 | INT'L PREMIERE

Motorcycle Man

Dave Roper has raced every year since 1972, competing on exotic vintage bikes at racetracks around the world and winning a reputation as a folk hero of the sport

United States | 17 min | 2019 | WORLD PREMIERE

The Distinguished Gentleman

Vincent Nicolai, a beloved charity fundraiser and friend to many in the New York motorcycle community, was involved in a catastrophic propane explosion resulting in burns to over 40% of his body.

Australia | 97 min | 2018 | N.A. PREMIERE


Wayne tells the exhilarating story of 1987 World Motorcycle Grand Prix Champion Wayne Gardner's triumphant, improbable journey from a $5 dirt bike to the international summit of his sport.

Canada | 6 min | 2019 | WORLD PREMIERE

Crown Land

A short independent film about friendship, adventure and motorcycling.

United States | 5 min | 2019

Endless | Mexico

Endless | Mexico follows freestyle motocross rider Jimmy Hill's shenanigans in Guadalajara, Mexico during the Dia De Los Muertos festival.

United States | 4 min | 2018 | INT'L PREMIERE

First Ride

Do you remember the first time you rode a motorcycle? Your first bike? That magical moment became a lifetime memory. First Ride acts out the imagination of one boy discovering motorcycles. One child whose life is forever changed.

United States | 24 min | 2018 | WORLD PREMIERE

Nowhere Fast

Two friends ride motorcycles across the Utah desert through some of the most rugged and beautiful country in the great Southwest.

U.K. | 30 min | 2018 | SPECIAL SCREENING

The Racer

Jodie lives and breathes motorcycling. But the road to reaching the top of the British CB500 championship is paved with difficulties, if it wasn't for her dad's unwavering support.

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