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Fast and Left

Directed by Evan H. Senn

Documentary | 21 minutes | United States | 2019 | English | WORLD PREMIERE


The arena is a dirt oval. The gladiators have a steel-shoe over their left boot that keeps them and their motorcycles balanced at high speeds. Every weekend, they travel great distances for the opportunity to pass the checkered flag first. This is flat track motorcycle racing. Flat track is one of the oldest forms of motorcycle racing and it has a rich history in the United States. Perhaps even more captivating than the bikes and the speeds however are the people that make up this exciting sport.

"The film is about the people more so than the action of the sport. It's a thematic overview of the best parts of flat track racing. There will be fast turns, dirt and gasoline… but there will also be characters, heart and laughs. I hope this film will appeal to racers and non-racers alike and will get more people to seek out this amazing sport."– Evan H. Senn

About the Director

Evan H. Senn is a documentary film-maker from Wichita, Kansas. With a camera in his hand, he enjoys meeting people and finding stories to tell. In his films, Evan has introduced us to eccentric characters such as ‘Blind Guy’, ‘Jazzbo – The One Man Band’ and ‘Ace – The Gas Station Cowboy’. A fan of Cinéma Vérité, Evan enjoys telling stories with a minimal crew that gets right to the heart of people and subcultures. A motorcycle and racing junkie, Evan has delved deeply into the soul of all things two-wheeled.


Directed by

Evan H. Senn

Produced by

Evan H. Senn


Scott Raine, Jeffrey Carver Jr., Scott Nightingale, Gary Kinzler, Bill Snyder, Brad Baker, Mark Robinson, The Durelle Family, Rooks & Springfield, S.J. Wilson, Ricardo Sherbondy


Evan H. Senn


Evan H. Senn

Written by

List of writers

Music & Sound

Goddamn Madman, David Nyman, Ryan Stewart


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