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Destination Guatemala

Directed by Tolga Basol

Documentary | 9 minutes | United States | 2019 | English | WORLD PREMIERE


There’s a feeling some of us chase. It’s an inability to settle. If you’ve felt it, you’ll understand what drove three friends to take on a dream they've had for many years, riding up to a live volcano. They journeyed from the villages outside of Antigua, to the Pacific Ocean, through jungles, and onto the Volcano Pacaya. Continuing to its highest peak, Pico Mayor, they ride up to the arc of Acatenango; something that had never been done before.

About the Director

After working in the media industry for 14 years in Istanbul, Tolga quit his full time job as a motion graphics artist and decided to travel around the world on his motorcycle. His journey took 4 years and he has created audio/visual content during that time. Since 2018, he resides in the USA and works as the Video Producer.


Directed by

Tolga Basol

Produced by

Tolga Basol, Carlos Febles



List of editors


List of cinematographers

Written by

Lukas Eddy

Music & Sound

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