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Escape the City Limits

Directed by Alban Terrier

Narrative | 6 minutes | France | 2019 | French | WORLD PREMIERE


It’s time to take to the road. The perfect moment to break the routine and leave behind our everyday life. The city is still asleep and its tranquility doesn’t seem to be troubled by the machine roaring through. This short movie is, according to its Producers, the perfect illustration of what a motorcycle all about. The attachment to these exciting machines is sometimes a bit temperamental but the best for initiatingnew friendships, to share an unforgettable moment and to enjoy, in a unique way, the freedom offered by the two wheels.


Directed by

Alban Terrier

Produced by

Sandra Hitouche, Sebastian Georgias



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List of cinematographers

Written by

Sebastian Georgias, Alban Terrier

Music & Sound

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