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Blue Mountains in the Arctic

Directed by Emil Duvander

Documentary | 26 minutes | Sweden | 2019 | Swedish (English subtitles) | CANADIAN PREMIERE


Emil and his friend Mathias travel to Scandinavia's most northern point, North Cape; Nordkapp in Norway, the northernmost point in Europe that can be accessed by car and the northernmost public road in Europe. On the way to see the midnight sun, they encounter breathtakingly beautiful roads but less than ideal weather.

About the Director

Emil Duvander is a digital imaging technician that has worked with a number of production houses including FLX, a Swedish TV and film production company. Emil grew up in southern Sweden and comes from a family where his father had a lot of interest in cars, motorcycles, and airplanes, but it wasn't until he got his motorcycle license at 20 years-old that his obsession with bikes took hold, as he saw it as the perfect tool for travelling.


Directed by

Emil Duvander

Produced by

Emil Duvander
Mathias Löfquist


Emil Duvander
Mathias Löfquist


List of editors


List of cinematographers

Written by

Emil Duvander

Music & Sound

List of music credits


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