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Jane Love

Directed by Andree Ljutica

Documentary | 5 minutes | United States | 2019 | English | WORLD PREMIERE


Jane Love is a short documentary about female power. The film situates itself between the memories and desires of Jane Love, a young woman who’s rejection of her conservative Southern upbringing has introduced her to the moody world of New York City motorcycle culture. Described with visual poetry and a fluid take on documentary form, her story is as much an analysis of journey as it is a love letter to the city that has given her the room to grow and explore without judgement or prohibition.

About the Director

Andree Ljutica is an award winning, New York City born filmmaker approaching his craft with an interest in portraits that express the complexity and beauty of the human condition. Andree's film works have screened for audiences internationally, including the premiere of his dance film, Sweet in the Morning at the Lincoln Center's Dance on Camera Film Festival, and his last short, Punta Cana, which premiered at the Palm Springs IFF and went on to screen for global audiences from Guanajuato to Brooklyn.


Directed by

Andree Ljutica

Produced by

Travis Libin, Andree Ljutica


Jane Love, Audrey Grace Marshall


Andre Bato


Derek Aspenberg

Written by

Andree Ljutica

Music & Sound

Benjamin Louis Brody


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