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And the winners are

We're excited to officially announce the winning films for the 2022 edition of TMFF. Every year the Festival receives about 50–60 films submitted from all over the world. From those, a small subset are chosen to make it into the Festival as part of that year's Official Selection of films. We’re picky and show only the best of the best. We choose stories that inspire, open our eyes and showcase the amazing motorcycling culture and human stories that connect us regardless of where in the world they are from.

Here are the 2022 award-winning films.

People's Choice Award

The People's Choice Award is chosen by or audience. Following the screenings, our audience can vote for their favourite film of the Festival.

Speed is Expensive

Directed by David Lancaster

Director David Lancaster (L) and Producer James Salter (R) were at TMFF 2022 for a post-screening Q&A.

Jury Awards

Jury awards are selected by our jury panel who consists of members of the media, writers, and filmmakers who are influential in the global motorcycling community.

Best Feature Film

Speed is Expensive

Directed by David Lancaster

From our judging panel: "Fabulous story with storytelling to match. Destined to become the definitive Vincent document," and "They did a great job of sharing a story that younger generations may never have really known or thought of otherwise. Good production value, and they did a great job of taking a cache of archival footage and crafting it into a complete story."

Best Short Narrative


Directed by Max Vannienschoot

From our judging panel: "This film was visually stunning and a beautiful homage to the director's friend. It sent a strong, resonating message in a very subtle way, which I appreciate. I like that it's not a typical motorcycle film, and that the director used his platform and the vessel that is motorcycling to address such a sensitive yet prevalent topic. I think these themes are more common among motorcyclists than we care to admit."

Producers Camille Lequenne (L) and Elodi Pollet (R) were at TMFF Montréal to accept the award on behalf of Max Vannienschoot.

Best Short Documentary


Directed by Amirali Mirderikvand

From our judging panel: "Brilliant storytelling and such an intimate look into a culture that not many of us will ever see first hand. The message and purpose behind this film fills my heart. I wish more motorcycle films were like this one."

Judging Panel

The 2022 judging panelists are: Kevin Duke, Editor in Chief, American Rider; Kirsten Midura

Founder, Engines for Change; Sophia Vassiliadis, Contributing Writer, Inside Motorcycles; and Scott Wilson, Co-Founder, Producer, Echo Bay Media. You can find out more info about our panelists here.


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