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Speed is Expensive

Directed by David Lancaster

Documentary | 78 minutes | U.K. | 2022 | English | CANADIAN PREMIERE


When the hammer came down at the Bonhams auction in 2018, a record-setting Vincent motorcycle sold for $1.2 million – making it the most expensive motorcycle in the world. Speed is Expensive tells the story of the man behind this machine: Philip Vincent. His creations would become the most admired and collected motorcycles in the world. But his devotion to speed cost him his fortune and his career. Along the way, his love life was turned upside down and a high-speed crash left him in a coma for months. Why, when his bikes now command millions, did his life end with him unrecognized, penniless and living in public housing in west London?

Ewan McGregor narrates the dramatic story of this flawed genius as told through period film shot by Vincent himself along with intimate interviews with friends, family, record-setters and Vincent fans such as as former F1 and Moto GP World Champion, John Surtees, Clash bassist Paul Simonon and TV presenter Jay Leno among others.

Q&A with David Lancaster

Exclusive: Following his appearance at TMFF 2022, we spoke with Director David Lancaster about the making of the award-winning documentary. Read what he had to say.


Directed by

David Lancaster

Produced by

Gerry Jenkinson, James Salter, Russell Icke, Peter Grimsdale


Philip Vincent, Ewan McGregor, John Surtees, Jay Leno, Paul Simonon, Marty Dickerson, Philip Vincent-Day


Liz Deegan


Steve Read

Written by

David Lancaster

Music & Sound

Beresford Cookman


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