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Directed by Amirali Mirderikvand

Documentary | 30 minutes | Iran | 2021 | Persian | CANADIAN PREMIERE


Fatemeh is a young girl who who faces many difficulties in pursuing her passion for motorbikes and simply having the right to use a two-wheeler in the Islamic Republic of Iran. While riding a motorcycle provides her with joy, it also serves as a way to help her family in their rural village. Despite assistance from her dad, she battles preconceived notions from the other villagers about a girl's role and struggles with getting approval from the authorities who ban her from riding.

Director Bio and Statement

Amirali Mirderikvand was born in Iran and holds a Master's degree in film. He has been a freelance filmmaker for over fifteen years and has directed several short fiction films and documentaries which have screened in more than 150 festivals and won more than 30 awards.


Sfumato is the only film in which the Iranian police were officially allowed to collaborate directly with the director. At the time of shooting, the Iranian government was planning to solve the problems of women's equality in Iran and allowed me to make this film, but once the film was ready, the government representatives cancelled their promises, and Iranian television told me that they didn't want the film anymore – all the plans changed. My main objective with this film is to participate in the emancipation of women in Iran.


Directed by

Amirali Mirderikvand

Produced by


Fatemeh Daneshgar, Ebrahim Daneshgar


Hasan Rahimi,


Leyla Barati, Amin Khodabakhsh, Hasan Rahimi

Written by

Amirali Mirderikvand

Music & Sound

Habib Jafari, Omid Mehrabi


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