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Sept 28 - Oct 1
Revue Cinema

Trail Master

Directed by Matthew Sanders

SHORT DOCUMENTARY | 9 minutes | Canadian Premiere

Reid Brown, an Oregon Forest Service Specialist and avid off-road motorcycle racer has earned his dream job. He is in charge of managing the 500 miles of motorcycle Trails in the Tillamook State Forest. His family has a rich history with the forest and his parents and grand parents built many of the original trails. Shot entirely on GoPro cameras, this short film follows Reid as he works to help maintain the world-class character of the trails and create a positive and sustainable future for the Tillamook riding areas and the sport.

About the Director

Director Matthew Sanders began his career in 2000 by simply making videos for friends who were into cars and motorcycles. He grew up with a passion for motorcycles, cars, and movies so it was a natural evolution of his interests.  His videos became well known for a style which made them exciting and fun to watch.

Film Info

Premiere: Canadian

Release Year: 2016

Runtime: 9 minutes

Language: English

Country: U.S.A.

Connect: Web | Facebook | Instagram


Director: Matthew Sanders

Videography: Sky Pinnick, Matthew Sanders

Editing: Matthew Sanders

Sound Mix: Frank Costa

Key Cast: Reid Brown



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