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Sept 28 - Oct 1
Revue Cinema

DISADVISES (Desaconselhos)

Directed by Rafael Bedoni, Gabriel Davini

SHORT NARRATIVE | 4 minutes | North American Premiere

All motorcyclists receive advice from friends and family about riding. It's an internal conflict that rings true for many and often results in torn feelings and guilt. Listen to their advice, or continue that which gives so much pleasure?

About the Director

Rafael Bedoni is Managing Partner at B12 Films a São Paulo, Brazil based media production company. 

Film Info

Premiere: North American

Release Year: 2017

Runtime: 4 minutes

Language: Portuguese (with English subtitles)

Country: Brazil

Connect: Web | Facebook


Directors: Rafael Bedoni, Gabriel Davini

Producers: Rafael Bedoni, Gabriel Davini, Izabel Aragão, Guilherme Peralta

Writer: Thomás Davini

Key Cast: Thomás Davini

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