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Sept 28 - Oct 1
Revue Cinema

Black lightning:
The Rollie Free Story

Directed by Zach Siglow

SHORT DOCUMENTARY | 35 minutes | Canadian Premiere

It is arguably one of the most intriguing images in motorcycling: the 1948 black and white photograph of a man wearing only a bathing suit and shoes, alone and at one with a speeding motorcycle against a glaring backdrop. This documentary follows the life of Rollie Free from his early life and racing years in the 1920's and 30's, through his Indian dealership years, military service, and post-war life. Best known for setting the American motorcycle one-mile speed record in 1948, Free rode the British-made Vincent HRD Black Lightning to a speed of 150.313 mph stripped down and lying flat out over the Bonneville Salt Flats of Utah.

About the Director

Zach Siglow is a California based producer and director for action motorsports television.

Film Info

Premiere: Canadian

Release Year: 2017

Runtime: 35 minutes

Language: English

Country: United States

Connect: Facebook | Web | Instagram


Producer/Director: Zach Siglow

Executive Producer: William E. Connor, II

Producer: Lenny Shabes

Associate Producer: Louise Noeth

Consulting Producer: William Edgar

Editors: Sean Fullan, Mauricio Zanotti, Cari Coughlin, Ed Yost

Key Cast: William Edgar, Alan de Cadenet, Marty Dickerson, Glenn Bator, William E. Connor, II, Rollie Free


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