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Women, Wheels, and the World of Film

TMFF 2023's Celebration of Women Riders

Motorcycling isn’t just about the machine; it’s about the stories, the culture, and the people that ride them. And in the world of two wheels, the narrative has evolved. Women riders are claiming their space on the road and in the world of film, and TMFF 2023 is here to spotlight their stories. Here's a closer look at the films in the TMFF 2023 lineup that highlight these powerful narratives:

Women motorcyclists standing next to their bikes
Women in the Front Seat - Directed by Indy Saini

Riding ahead, the women in Saini's film are more than just bikers. They are trailblazers, dreamers, and warriors. This vibrant representation is a testament to women who not only control their machines but also their destinies. We're excited to have Indy join us in Toronto where the audience will also get the chance to engage in a live Q&A session, adding depth and context to the stories shared.

A woman wearing motorcycle jacket and holding her helmet is overlooking a quite lake
A Motorcycle Saved My Life - Directed by lori lozinski

In this intimate tale, lori lozinski navigates a journey of introspection and healing. On the open road, with the wind against her, lozinski re-evaluates formative experiences and the lasting influences of her parents, showing that sometimes, motorcycles are more than just machines; they're salvation.

Two motorcycle racers embrace
Dark Rider - Directed by Eva Küpper

While the film’s spotlight is on Ben Felten, a blind motorcycle rider chasing dreams of professional racing, the soul and nuance of the documentary lie in the direction of Eva Küpper. She crafts a tale that speaks of human spirit, resilience, and the dreams that drive us.

Vintage photograph of the Van Buren sisters next to their motorcycles.
No Man's Land - Directed by Sara Kinney

History comes alive as we're taken on a journey with the legendary Van Buren sisters of 1916. Kinney reintroduces their legacy as their descendants, along with 100 women, daringly trace back their trail-blazing path.

A woman motorcyclists reading from Hunter S. Thompson's book, "Hell's Angels"
We Ride - Directed by Romain Thomassin

Inspired by the audacious world of Hunter S. Thompson's "Hell's Angels," Thomassin's film is a portrayal of fierce women riders who live life on their own terms. They're wild, free, and unapologetically themselves. Director Romain Thomassin will be attending the Festival, ready to engage with audiences in a live Q&A session, adding layers to the film's narrative.

A woman motorcycle racer removing her helmet revealing a blood-dripping scar
No Special Treatment - Directed by Trevor Wood

A celebration of grit, determination, and sheer tenacity, this short film celebrates the women taking on Canada's toughest off-road motorcycle race, the Corduroy Enduro. Through mud, sweat, and gears, they prove that they're not here for any special treatment.

A motorcyclist crossing a stream which splashes all around
Unpaved - Directed by Glenn King

Golnoosh Namazi's story is one of carving her path in a world that's often challenging to navigate. As an adventure rider, she treads where few dare and seeks her place in the motorcycling community, representing many women who venture into uncharted territories.

TMFF 2023 serves as a reminder that motorcycling stories are as diverse as the riders themselves and we're committed to showcasing the various perspectives. TMFF 2023 promises to be more than just a film festival. It's a celebration of motorcycling, stories, and, importantly, the indomitable spirit of women in this domain. These films, each unique, collectively shed light on the multifaceted world of women riders.

Join us at the 7th annual TMFF from September 21-23 to celebrate these tales of passion, resilience, and revolution on two wheels.


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