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Wheels Up in NYC

TMFF friend, alumni, and founder of johnnypuetz Productions, Jean Pierre Kathoefer, (THE DISTINGUISHED GENTLEMAN) released a new documentary short about the New York stunt riders also known as the "12 O'Clock Boys" who are notorious for performing impressive, albeit risky, stunts throughout the streets of New York City. The police are losing patience, and some citizens lodge complaints, but it looks like the movement can’t be stopped.

With JP an avid rider himself, he's always been intrigued by these riders and it's what inspired WHEELS UP. By interviewing members of the New York stunt-riding community, JP digs into the raw, human stories behind why these bikers ride and what it means to them.

"I don’t have therapy in my life that I can spend money on and talk to someone,” says one rider who goes by the name of X. “Motorcycling and stunt riding were the only way I could focus that madness, the only calm that told me to shut up and focus.”

Those interviewed in WHEELS UP insist that most stunt riders follow traffic laws, wear the appropriate safety gear, and do their best to minimize any disruption or inconvenience for other people on the road. The documentary paints a sympathetic portrait of these riders, depicting them as a tight-knit community of misfits and adventurers rather than a gang of reckless adrenaline junkies.

You can watch the documentary and decide for yourself.


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