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Wednesday is the New Friday

Motorcycles are a vehicle for social good. A five-part docuseries shining a spotlight on social projects across the Silk Route.

Sylvain and Mathieu are musicians and filmmakers on a mission to make a positive difference in the world. On a pair of old 1970s Royal Enfield motorcycles with recording gear in tow, they're travelling 13,000 km across the Silk Route, embedding themselves in the local cultures, meeting musicians and recording traditional songs performed by children from disadvantaged communities. They're shining a spotlight on social projects happening across the Route's 17 countries and donating the proceeds raised by the sale of the recordings back to the schools. Of course, not everything on the trip goes according to their plan. The old bikes keep things interesting with unexpected events in the middle of nowhere and in extreme conditions.

Take an adrenaline-filled motorcycle adventure, mix in culture, music, and a heap of social goodness and what you get is an epic and heartwarming narrative about the beauty of helping others.

EP1: Speak Like a Child

Available now

Last minute trip prep and recording the first song in South India, just before the ride kicks off. Next stop, Nepal. In Pokhara, Sylvain and Mathieu record the second track of the album and get some lessons on motorcycle mechanics from a very helpful team.

EP2: Over the Hills and Far Away

Coming June 23

Sylvain and Mathieu finally get their their bikes back after having them shipped from New-Delhi. While paperwork for the upcoming countries are getting signed and ready, Sylvain and Mathieu ride to the east side of Bishkek. In the beautiful Kyrgyz steppe, they record children from an orphanage and meet an incredible family of musicians.

EP3: Runnin' Wild

Coming June 30

A long ride west from Krygyztan to the Caspian Sea. Sylvain and Mathieu board on an old ferry then ride in extreme conditions that takes them from snow, to the Karakalpakstan desert. Their bikes cause them a number of unexpected challenges in the middle of nowhere.

EP4: Gonna Ride My Bike Until I Get Home

Coming July 7

After a few weeks, Sylvain and Mathieu finally find a motorbike mechanic in Georgia. Along with this strange character, they go through a long process of repairing the cluch on Sylvain’s bike. As soon as this is fixed the next stop is Van,Turkey, where a traditional Kurdish song is recorded just before another trip to Istanbul; not without a few surprises.

EP5: Welcome

Coming July 14

Back in Europe, Sylvain and Mathieu integrate a refugees camp in Serbia. The intense experience leads them to record a song in this country and ride towards Slovakia. Once there, a group of young gypsies are waiting for them. The time passes and they get closer to their home.


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