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The Need for Speed

From rugged Baja to the Bonneville Salt Flats and the local dirt ovals, fuel your go-fast addiction with these newly announced TMFF 2021 films.

The Desert Said Dance

Directed by Lincoln Caplice

Lincoln Caplice gives us a stunning cinematic ode to a group of four riders who push themselves far beyond where most people feel comfortable as they take on the Baja 1000, the longest non-stop, point to point, off-road race in the world.



Directed by Aron Campisano

80-200 is a fresh take on the Salt Flats story as James Hammond, at 80-years-young, races against his age and attempts to set a world record at the Bonneville Speed Trials.


Race Night

Directed by Sean Jackson

Race Night is a tour de force of visuals and beautifully told stories about family, where motorcycles carry the story from one family to the next, examining different stages of life and the sacrifices made for one another.

Head over to the TMFF 2021 Film Guide for more information including trailers, synopsis and stills.


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