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Meet the 2023 judging panel

Sure, watching hours and hours, of motorcycle films sounds like fun, but selecting the winning films from the fantastic submissions we received is no easy task. To help, we've recruited a panel of independent judges who bring with them expertise in filmmaking, journalism, and the arts, and are influential within the international motorcycling community.

You can find out more about the judging process at the bottom of this post, Meanwhile, here's a little bit about this year's panel.

Kirsten Midura Headshot

Kirsten Midura

Founder, Engines for Change

Kirsten is the founder of Engines for Change, a nonprofit that brings motorcyclists together for charitable causes. Named one of DealerNews's Top 100 Women in Powersports for 2022, Kirsten is an impact-driven community builder and a specialist in emerging tech, sustainability, and international development. She is on the Advisory Board for both Women Riders Now and Rally for Rangers, and has worked with a range of nonprofits and organizations in the motorcycle industry. Kirsten is also a filmmaker, herself, as well as a moto journalist, having written for publications such as VAHNA, Iron & Air, and, among others.

Roberto Serrini headshot

Roberto Serrini


Roberto is an industry-leading commercial director who has created award-winning work for brands like Honda, Indian, BMW, Nike, REV'IT! and many more. As an accomplished documentary filmmaker, he has captured and shared the world's most unique stories about riders and their passion as he's taken his vintage R65 over 4 continents in the process. Roberto has had three of his films screened at TMFF including The American Wall of Death, The REV'IT! Women's ADV Team Anthology, Episode 5: Erika Tango Bean Escapes NYC, and Earned: The Story of Keith Hale's 750SS.

Sophia Vassiliadis Headshot

Sophia Vassiliadis

Contributing Writer, Inside Motorcycles

Sophia has enjoyed a variety of careers, but life with motorcycles has her surfing a whole new wave of wonder. Since she first caught wind of it, Sophia has advocated for and supported the success of the TMFF. She is actively involved in Toronto’s moto community through TheMotoSocial, The Litas, and Engines For Change. Sophia is a contributing writer to ADVRider and Inside Motorcycles, and a guest reviewer on TSN’s The Motorcycle Experience. Her most remarkable moto-memories include surviving a gusty crossing of PEI’s Confederation Bridge, not dumping on twisty trails in Southern France, and coasting across miles of loose gravel in Baja, although she knows the bikes did most of the work.

Scott Wilson Headshot

Scott Wilson

Co-Founder, Producer, Echo Bay Media

Gemini Award nominee Scott is as comfortable in front of the camera as he is behind it. Scott is the co-host of the super popular TV shows, Departures and Descending and an avid motorcyclist. In his most recent miniseries, Into the Rising Sun, Scott tours Japan on a motorcycle. Recognized as one of the Top Ten to Watch by Playback Magazine, Scott continues to challenge himself professionally, and personally as an accomplished diver and pilot.

Empty seats in a movie theatre


The People's Vote

Yes! You will be able to take your seat as a judge on the panel via the People's Choice Award vote which you'll make after each screening.

Our Judging Process

Our judging panel view and rate films based on seven different criteria including:

Originality / Creativity

Originality refers to a fresh plot or idea implemented in the film. It also means original creativity, not simply original stories. For example, the story may have been told before, but perhaps it was delivered in a new way. The originality of some movies may be found in their settings, or art design, or style, or characters.


Refers to the art and technique of film photography. A number of components can be used to visually tell the story: framing and composition, lighting, camera angle, camera movement, distance between the audience and action, and objective or subjective point of view.


For narrative films, Performance refers to how well the cast interprets their role? Were the characters believable. In a documentary, how much the characters invested themselves in the film? Did they come across as genuine and authentic or did they ham it up for the camera?

Production Value

The usage of lighting, sound and soundtrack, scenery, special effects, graphics and props that are used to set the scene and deliver the film’s story.

Pacing / Editing

Did scenes, or the movie itself, dragged on far too long without providing any additional value? Or perhaps it was too rushed, missing some detail which would have benefited the plot.


The structure of a film refers to its narrative arc. This is usually made up of three acts: the introduction of the main theme or characters, the mounting tension through the film, and the finale bringing the movie to an end. Give thought to the plot, the flow of events and actions that develop the story.

Sound / Music

Was the audio clear? Was it loud in the appropriate parts and quiet where it should have been? Did the background music fit into the context of the plot and did it help to set the appropriate mood?


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