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Getting Judgy With It

With our film submission window closing in July, members of our Judging Panel are about to start their work viewing and rating the films that make up this year's festival. Here's who they are and what they're looking for.

Kirsten Midura
Kirsten Midura

In the last few years, Kirsten dove head-first into the motorcycling world. She is the Founder of both Engines for Change and Moto Market NYC, an organizer of The MotoSocial New York, the NY Chapter Head of the MissFires, and an emerging filmmaker in her own right. Last year, she premiered her first film, The Distinguished Gentleman, at the TMFF.

Sophia Vassiliadis
Sophia Vassiliadis

Sophia is motivated by motorcycles, movies, music, travel and teaching. She is the EV Editor of The Vintagent, where she provides regular updates about the most recent e-bike innovations in "The Current." She's was also a contributing writer for RideApart and has advocated for and supported the success of the TMFF since its inception.

Scott Wilson
Scott Wilson

Gemini Award nominee Scott is as comfortable in front of the camera as he is behind it. Scott is the co-host of the super popular TV shows, Departures and Descending and an avid motorcyclist. In his most recent miniseries, Into the Rising Sun, Scott tours Japan on a motorcycle. You can also listen to Scott talk about his experience running Echo Bay Media during the pandemic.

Dustin Woods
Dustin Woods

Dustin has turned his lifelong passion for motorcycles into a career as a writer for some of Canada's top print and digital publications. He's the Managing editor for Canada Moto Guide, Associate Editor for autoTRADER. He's also written for HOG Canada, Cycle Canada, and more.  Recently, you may have spotted Dustin around town in a purple Lamborghini.


Scoring Criteria

Watching hours and hours of motorcycles movies sounds like a lot of fun (who are we kidding, it is!) but it's also work that requires focus and attention. Here's what our panel of judges are thinking about when they're watching and scoring the films.

Originality / Creativity

Originality refers to a fresh plot or idea implemented in the film. It also means original creativity, not simply original stories. For example, the story may have been told before, but perhaps it was delivered in a new way. The originality of some movies may be found in their settings, or art design, or style, or characters.


Direction refers to the complete artistic control of all phases of a film’s production including translating/interpreting the script/vision to film, guiding the performances of the actors, supervising the cinematography and film crew. It is ultimately the Director’s responsibility for the overall vision and to make sure that is is being realized to the fullest extent at every moment.


Writing does not refer to dialog, but rather the combination of the various components that are fused together to tell a story, captivate and entertain the audience including the characters, plot, visual presentation and dialog. Think of this as storytelling.


Refers to the art and technique of film photography. A number of components can be used to visually tell the story: framing and composition, lighting, camera angle, camera movement, distance between the audience and action, objective or subjective point of view.


How well did the cast interpret their role? Were the characters believable? In a documentary, although the cast isn’t acting, the use of their voice and body to deliver the intended message is still key.

Production Value

Consider the usage of the lighting, sound, scenery and props that are used to set the scene and deliver the film’s story.


Consider if scenes, or the movie itself, dragged on far too long without providing any additional value. Or perhaps it was too rushed, missing some detail which would have benefited the plot.


The structure of a film is made up of three acts: the introduction of the main theme or characters, the mounting tension through the film, bringing the movie to and end. Also consider the plot, the flow of events and actions that develop the story.

Sound / Music

Was the audio clear? Was it loud in the appropriate parts and quiet where it should have been? Did the background music fit into the context of the plot and did it help to set the appropriate mood?


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