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Festival Film Guide

From epic adventures, to the thrill of speed, the 2020 TMFF is coming to you at home and in the theatre.. BROWSE THE ONLINE FILM GUIDE and start planning your viewing schedule.

The 2020 Festival Film Guide includes a selection of twenty films that will be screened at this year's festival. Some of the highlights include:

Somewhere Else Together from two-time award-winning director Daniel Rintz, the story of Daniel and Josephine's three-year journey around the globe, chased by wild elephants, and caught in the cross-fire of a police-smuggler gunfight, among heartfelt moments of connection with local communities;

When the Road Ends - Lost in the Pacific from global adventurer Dylan Wickrama, who after journeying 200,000 km across four continents, is stopped in Panama where the road ends, swallowed up by an impenetrable jungle at the Darién Gap. With no choice, Dylan takes to the sea, building a raft powered by his motorcycle in the hope of reaching Colombia's road network 700 km away across the Pacific, despite strong ocean currents and storms; and

The Space Between from executive producers Tom Brady, Michael Strahan, and Gotham Chopra (yup, those guys) that explores why racers continue to risk their lives in pursuit of a win at the world's most dangerous race, the Isle of Man TT.

Ready? Grab your festival pass and tickets and your coziest sweats and settle in for the ride.


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