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In-person socially-distanced screenings of select films that need to be seen on the big screen are playing at the Revue Cinema, September 17 and 18. See the unbelievable adventure of 972 Breakdowns on the Landway to New York, the World Premiere of the The Desert Said Dance, the feel-good epicness of Wide of the Mark, and the poignant and beautiful The Wall, along with select shorts in their big, widescreen, cinematic glory.

In-Theatre COVID-19 Protocols

The safety of our audience, guests, and volunteers is of utmost importance. We will be following government and public health guidelines, and leveraging the protocols that Revue Cinema have implemented, which includes: social distanced seating, requesting that all guests leave at least two seats between themselves and any other groups in the auditorium, cleaning of high-touch surfaces in between shows, mandating face coverings/masks to be worn, and asking all ticket holders to provide their contact into at the time of purchase. We may change these protocols at any time to protect the health and safety of our attendees following government guidelines and legal allowances.


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