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TMFF '19 Award Winners

The audience and our jury have spoken. Here are the 2019 Toronto Motorcycle Film Festival award winning films.



Wayne, Directed by Jeremy Sims


Best Feature Film

Blenio, Utah, Directed by Alberto Bernad and Patrick Botticchio

Judging Panel comments: "What a wonderful ride to take us on. It's emotional, it's tense, it's paced nearly perfectly. I loved the characters, the camaraderie. Wow. It's not every day you cap off a motorcycle film feeling 10 miles higher than you did before."

Best Short Documentary

Fast and Left, Directed by Evan H. Senn

Judging Panel comments: "Fabulous film – loved it! Totally hit the mark on a flat tracker's / racer's soul. Nice documentation of the sport with true grit scenes, real-deal people. Story well told. Enjoyed the old footage, and the vintage flat track bikes like the Bultaco! Admire Evan Senn's inclusion of all age groups. Flat Track has been making a comeback over the past three-four years – and “Fast & Left” is a topic precisely on time. Loved the "poetry in motion" action race shots - even conjured up my own racer goose bumps! Warm hearted, realistic, memorable and award worthy in my view. Sensational!"

Best Short Narrative

Endless | Mexico, Directed by Ryan Marcus

Judging Panel comments: "For what this is, this is one of the most seamless ads I've seen done. It also showed great respect for the culture they were working with — there was a respectful lens of filming and honoring of their space that is rarely seen in the bike world. The riding was literally unbelievable and the cinematography captured the full magnitude of it."

Best Canadian Film

Crown Land, Directed by Viktor Radics and Kyle Topping

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