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Born and raised in Wichita, Kansas, Evan did not grow up around bikes. It wasn't until he shot and directed a promo video for The Dream Roll, the women's only motorcycle camp trip, that a spark was lit. From there, On Any Sunday and Hitting the Apex, fanned the flame and he's been passionate about motorcycles and racing ever since.

Evan is a commercial filmmaker that is a skillful storyteller who has a knack for bringing us into his films and allowing us to connect with his subjects.

"The camera gives you cinematic immunity to keep asking why like a child. Why, why, why? Why do you do that? Why do you dress this way? Does it make you happy? It gives you the freedom to ask these questions."

Have a look at some of Evan's short films - Blind Guy, and Ace the Gas Station Cowboy where he gets up close to some characters that on first glance appear quirky. Instead, Evan makes us feel compassion and we learn that it doesn't take much to be happy; you just have to have the courage to do what you love.

Back to motorcycles and racing.

When Evan started attending the races at his local track, he discovered it was much more than what he had hopped for. "It is not so much a sporting [it is] a community of good people...and I thought I should bring a camera here one day." That was the genesis of Fast and Left, the film that celebrates flat track racing and the people that keep the sport alive.


"The film is about the people more so than the action of the sport. It's a thematic overview of the best parts of flat track racing that I've noticed. There will be fast turns, and dirt and gasoline, but there'll also be some heart and laughs, and it will touch on some themes like family and community, and the hot shoe and technique and things I've found interesting. Hopefully, it will appeal to racers and non-racers and gets more people to seek out and go see races."


Based on the above trailer and Evan's previous films, we're really looking forward to seeing the finished work.

Evan is self-funding the production of the film. If you'd like to make a donation to help bring this film to life, you can visit the film's page at

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