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Riding over 40,000 km in subzero temperatures with more than 5,000 of that below -30°C (which can feel like -75° at highway speeds) on the polar ice has taught Oliver a thing or two about dealing with harsh conditions.

Oliver Solaro, who goes by the nickname Brokentooth, is the key cast member in the TMFF 2017 film AKA Brokentooth - Canada's Ice Road Biker. He's also a modern day explorer who has ridden roughly 8,000 km to the Wapusk Trail, retraced one of Samuel de Champlain's routes through Ontario, ridden the ice roads up to Attawapiskat, rode to northern Ontario to pay homage at Bill Barilko's crash sight, and last year hauled 1,000 lbs of dog food up to landlocked Churchill, Manitoba - in the mind of winter - with temperatures sometimes at -46℃.

I had a great time chatting with Oliver about his many adventures. On the surface, he's a little kid full of joy (love that!) but dig deeper and you find someone unapologetically true to his soul and an amazing storyteller that left us feeling inspired and grateful that there are people with this level of passion.

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