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Can a shaggy-haired, scruffy 70-year-old motorcycle racer have groupies? Apparently so, if you're Dave Roper. Without missing a single year, Roper has been racing since 1972 and in that time amassed quite a collection of accomplishments and become a folk hero of the sport. He estimates that he's competed in over 2000 races around the world and won about half of them. To top it off, Roper is the first American to win at the Isle of Man TT.

Produced and Directed by Daniel Lovering, MOTORCYCLE MAN is a film about a man who has pursued a single passion in life: motorcycle racing. The film follows Roper from his home on Long Island, to the Team Obsolete workshop in Brooklyn, and to our own home track, Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. Along the way, we hear from his admirers, old friends, fellow competitors and from Roper himself as he reflects on his life and passion. Although he's now in his twilight years, Roper isn't planning to stop, saying, "I will retire when they pry my cold, dead fingers off the clip-ons."

Lovering started filming in 2016, raised some initial funding to get the project going and is now in the late stages of post-production with an original score, sound design and mixing to be completed. Lovering is looking for assistance to help take this project over the finish line and you can make a tax-deductible contribution and get your name on the end-credits.

If you know someone who races, ask them about Roper. We're pretty sure they have some great stories to tell about this legend. In our quick research, we've heard two common themes: smooth as butter on the track, and the nicest guy you'll meet.

Based on the trailer, this is looking to be a wonderfully told story and we can't wait to see the finished film and learn more. And if you see Roper at the tracks, say hello from us.

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