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The second edition of the Toronto Motorcycle Film Festival has come to an end and we're taking a step back to reflect. When we announced this year's dates and opened the submission window in January, it seemed like the September festival date was so far away, and then in the blink of an eye, bam! it was here.

We kicked off the Festival with an absolutely incredible party on Thursday evening. We had motorcycles on display from our sponsors Pfaff Harley-Davidson and Husqvarna, a photo exhibit from recent Husqvarna adventures across Canada, and an F2 sidecar racer that you could get your hands on. What really got the party heated though was the surprise performance by T.Dot BANGERZ Brass that blasted their way around a packed house spreading their special brand of awesome, leaving us all in a state of afterglow.

In the days that followed, films featuring riders from every corner of the globe swept the audience up, down and all around. Breath-taking travelogues and heart-stopping stories of survival bumped up against gut-wrenching races and obstacle-wracked record attempts. In between, a sobbing scooterist and a 7-year-old MotoGP finalist drew knowing laughter and appreciation.

New this year was an extra screening block on the final day of the Festival, after which we held the awards ceremony followed by an eight-member TMFF Talks Q&A panel moderated by Bruce Philp of This Motorcycle Life. Bruce is brilliant at asking thought-provoking questions that dance around the intersections of motorcycles and culture.

In another blink of an eye, the four days spent mingling, schmoozing, and exchanging motorcycles stories both on and off-screen came to an end. It was wonderful, and we're grateful to have shared that time with everyone.

Looking forward to doing it all again in 2019.

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