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National Canadian Film Day

National Canadian Film Day is a one-day, cost-to-coast celebration of Canadian cinema; encouraging everyone to celebrate the incredible achievements of Canadian filmmakers.

We're proud of our nation and our cinematic accomplishments. Atom Egoyan, David Cronenberg, Norman Jewison, James Cameron, Keanu Reeves, and okay we'll include Ryan Gosling too, are just a small sample of talent coming out of Canada and whose work in film have captured our imagination.

But here at TMFF, we're all about films that celebrate motorcycles and motorcycle culture. So with that, here's a very small sample of some moto films made by Canadian filmmakers.

Chasing Evel: The Robbie Knievel Story

Directed by Jesse James Miller Vancouver, British Columbia

Winner of the 2017 TMFF Best Canadian Film Award, Chasing Evel looks at Robbie Knievel, son of legendary Evel Knievel and his personal struggles with sobriety and his deep need to come out from under the shadows of his father as he prepares to continue his legacy by jumping once again.

See it tonight on Amazon Prime or iTunes


AKA Brokentooth - Canada's Ice Road Biker

Directed by Jory Lyons Toronto, Ontario

One of the favourites from TMFF 2017, AKA Brokentooth follows Oliver Solaro on his quest to ride to the First Nations settlement of Attawapiskat in frigid -35°C temperatures.

See the trailer and film credits here.


How to be Deadly

Directed by Nix Sexton

Newfoundland & Toronto, Ontario

On the eve of the biggest dirt bike competition of the year, Donnie Dumphy cashes his welfare cheque, tours the sketchiest regions of town, loses the love of his life Brenda, almost drowns, performs at the biggest party in town and sleeps with his social worker. How to be Deadly is a hero's journey with a Newfoundland twist.

We love this film! It's classical Canadiana with inside jokes that we're sure will speak to many.

Check out the the trailer and watch the film tonight on iTunes.



Directed by Anthony Kerr Mattawa, Ontario

Produced by the folks at the super entertaining Traction eRag magazine and, Checkpoints features Graham Jarvis, Colton Haaker, Paul Rodden, Larry Murray and Jamie Baskerville who rage in age from 15 to 75 years old. These riders all have incredible jaw-dropping skill and they talk about their life long passion for riding and about the sacrifices they've made to become world-class professionals.

Watch the film right now on YouTube.



Directed by Brendon Rathbone

Calgary, Alberta

Set in a Mad Max like post apocalyptic world, a lone marauder wanders the broken highways on her old motorcycle, scavenging what she can find, trading goods for gasoline. After her motorcycle is stolen, the hunt is on for the bandits who stole it.

Read Pop Horror's take on the film.

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