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Favourite Motorcycle Movies You Probably Haven't Seen Yet - Film 2 of 5

Today we're showcasing the 2nd in our listing of 5 motorcycles movies that you may not have seen yet. This film, Boutonnière, is Produced and Directed by Paolo Asuncion of Handsome Asians Motorcycle Club fame. The film description says the following:

It's been said that some motorcycles have souls, but how does the bike acquire its spirit? After watching countless moto movie cliches about how cool it is to be a biker or how badass a bike is (and producing their own stupid shit thereby contributing to the problem), the Handsome Asians Motorcycle Club put their heads together and decide to make a short film that focuses on an example of what it is that connects the biker to the bike.

This narrative film is, have to watch it. It's funny in some (okay, a lot) of parts, so-so in others and cliché in the rest; but I think that's the whole point. Definitely worth a watch.

Enjoy Boutonnière and let us know what you think in the commentary below.

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