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Favourite Motorcycle Movies You Probably Haven't Seen Yet - Film 1 of 5

It's March 22nd and it's Spring, but Mother Nature isn't being cooperative. A quick glance at the weather app on my phone shows that it's -15℃ (5℉) outside. Still way too cold to ride. What better way to get your moto fix and get over the Winter blahs than by watching some motorcycle films. Rather than the old standbys, we're going to showcase some not so typical movies, that you probably haven't seen yet. We'll show you five of our favourites over the course of the next five days. Let's begin.

Stories of Bike. Episode 6: Chemistry

Cam Elkins is the Founder and Director of the Stories of Bike series and his videos were largely influential in starting the Toronto Motorcycle Film Festival. They combine great cinematography and editing, but most importantly great storytelling with a focus on the human aspect. Leveraging what Viktor Radics, a member of our Judging Panel and Founder of TheMotoSocial, often says, "It's more about the people. Motorcycles are the common thread.". With that, enjoy Stories of Bike Episode 6: Chemistry.

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